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Paroquial Church of Lois

Paroquial Church of Lois

Region: Riaño
City: Lois
BIC date: BIC 30-July-1992
Historical facts:

Iglesia parroquial de Lois

This neoclassic church was consecrated in 1976. Its construction is due to three bishops from the village (Lois) and Don Jerónimo R. Castañón, who founded the Preceptoría of Lois (a “preceptoría” was a type of school of Latin, where students prepared for religious and priestly life). This church is called “Cathedral of the mountains”, and its architect was Fabián Cabezas.

It has a classic floor, with only one nave and a crossing of very short arms. It is covered in a barrel vault and a semicircular dome. The towers, porticos and sacristies make up a rectangular floor plan. There are ashlar stones at the building’s plinth, small ashlar at the façade, and bell towers and masonry in the rest. Access inside the church is through the paved atrium and the covered portico.


Address: En el camino de entrada al pueblo, 24991, Lois (León)

Phone number: 987710801 (Public phone number)

Opening hours: Request the keys at the village