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Picos de Europa National Park


Parque Nacional - Foto 1
Region: La Montaña Este (“Eastern Mountains”)
Location: Northeastern part of the province of León, encompassing the townships of Oseja de Sajambre and Posada de Valdeón.
Protection: It became a National Park on May 30, 1995. It has been a Zona Especial de Protección de Aves (ZEPA) (“special protection area for birds”) and Biosphere Reserve since July 10, 2003.


Los Picos de Europa is the main limestone massif in Atlantic Europe. This is a rough territory with steep slopes. Its streams and forests, its fields and crags shelter elements already overlooked in other areas, as well as unique cultural patterns. This area is present life, part of our past and a referent for the future. But Picos de Europa is also people. For centuries, its populations have made human life and nature compatible with each other. If it were not for these peoples, the land would not be the way it is currently.


There are trees and plants such as holly, alder, blueberry, chestnut, wild berry, holm oak, sloe, ash, beech, bracken, bladderwrack fern, starry hyacinth, mountain lily, oak, yew and sarsaparilla.


Among the animals, there are species such as the capercaillie, Iberian wolf, brown bear, short-toed eagle, marten, chamois, deer, eagle owl, stag, roe deer, wild boar and fox.


The natural richness of the two valleys makes it an area with a wide variety of landscapes, forests and high limestone summits. They all form unique spots to go hiking, enjoying the unmeasurable ecological value of its valleys. Some of these places and things are the Valley of Valdeón, The Cares River Route, Chorco de los Lobos, hermitage of Corona, Valley of Sajambre, Arcediano trail, the hórreos (typical local constructions), Ethnographic Collection in Oseja de Sajambre, Museum-School in Soto de Sajambre, Light factory (Fábrica de Luz).



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