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Archeological Site of Castro Chano

Archeological Site of Castro Chano (Chano Castrate Celtic/ Pre-Roman fort)

Comarca: El Bierzo Alto
Localidad: Peranzanes

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest with the category of he archaeological zone since 1994.

Castro de Chano

This Castrate Celtic/ Pre-Roman forts are fortified settlements protected by ditches or walls. They are built in areas with a lot of water and fertile grounds. Their constructions are usually circular.

“El Castro de chano” is delineated by three ditches. Inside it , the living room are placed on inclined slopes. The buildings have been built with slate slabs, up to four metres high, 5,5 metres in diameter and 60 cms thick ( 13ft high, 18ft diameter, 1ft thick). The doors are facing south or east.

The specialist, Jesús Celis, considers that the Celtic castrate was occupied by people with Astur origin during the 1st century B.C. and 1st century A.D.


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