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Preserves from el Bierzo


The inventiveness to make preserves and canned food has excellent results thanks to the pimientos asados (roast peppers) from El Bierzo (the western part of the province). It is said that peppers began to be grown in Ponferrada (El Bierzo’s capital) by the mid 17th century. Nevertheless, it was the housewives from El Bierzo that began the tradition of making roast peppers, henceforth known as pimenteras (“pepper-makers”). The roasting is done the traditional way, grilled or baked, giving a smoky aroma and aftertaste.

El Bierzo has plenty of products, such as the chestnuts, which have already crossed the borders beyond our province due to the contribution of industries that enforced this artisan production. El Bierzo chestnuts, with astounding taste qualities, are enhanced when preserved in syrup or as the base for marron glacé.